Independence Day Craft Idea for Kids: Spectacular Fireworks

Patriotic crafts are a fun way to show our children how many uses and ideas we have for the colors red, white, and blue.  If you are looking for an Independence Day craft idea, Memorial Day craft idea, Labor day craft idea, or patriotic craft idea for kids then these Spectacular Fireworks are perfect.

Independence Day Craft Materials:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Scissors

Independence Day Craft – Spectacular Fireworks Instructions:
1. Clean the toilet paper roll, ensuring all the paper is gone.
2. Cut slits in on end of the roll (all the way around).
firework craft cut toilet paper roll
3. Fold up the slits so the roll resembles an octopus.
4. Squirt red and blue paint onto work area and dip the roll into the paint and then create your fireworks!
firecracker craft

Thanks to Momondealz for sharing this with us!

Educational Activities:

  • Language Arts: If your child is working on his/her writing ability you can have them copy words from a patriotic word bank onto paper.  By creating the words in dots the child will be able to trace.  A few words to add to your word bank include: July, Patriot, Flag, Red, White, Blue, and Freedom.There are also some wonderful books that are centered around 4th of July you can read with your child. A couple I like are:
  • The Fourth of July Story
  • The Story of America’s Birthday
  • Social Studies/History: Revisit the true meaning and history behind the 4th of July. Discuss with your child what they think the word independence means.

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